School And Corporate Apparel Design & Decoration

Alpha Custom Apparel is known for our unique take and creation of corporate apparel which has yet to be changed. Most corporate companies want polos or t-shirts with their logos. We are revolutionizing and paving the way for how corporate companies now think and design their company apparel without breaking the bank. By combining a corporate and general retail fashion approach, we make working at any company fashionable. We have found that this has had a very positive effect on employee retention as well as bringing in sought-after talent.

Share your concept and vision with us and we will bring them to life. We take care of developing your ideas and spearhead the manufacturing process, so that you have one less worry, and can focus on marketing and building your brand.

Design Consultation – Bring your vision and ideas, sketches. We’ll assist you in choosing fabric and the best construction approach, as well as balancing aesthetics and maximizing cost efficiency.

Pattern Drafting with CAD/CAM – Pattern making has come a long way and Alpha Custom Apparel uses the latest, most sophisticated software to ensure precise design and proper measurements.

Size Grading – We use industry-leading technology to digitize patterns and grade sizes accurately so that we can utilize your fabric efficiently with CAD/CAM markers.

Prototype Development – Now it’s time to turn your vision into a physical product. Alpha Custom Apparel will provide final samples for your approval before moving ahead with mass production.

Laying and Cutting – We use large cutting table spaces to maximize bulk-quantity fabric laying and cutting. We also utilize machine-assisted cutting to ensure meticulous precision.

Sewing & Production – At this point, many competitors will put things into cruise control, at ACA this is where we take all the design and prep work and see it through to the finish line.

Inspection & Prep – Every item we produce is carefully inspected for issues before being handed over to the client. All orders can be tagged, packed by size and shipped, or held for pickup.